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    PRODUCT > Plastic pipe machine > HDPE and steel reinforced pipe machine

    HDPE and steel reinforced pipe machine

    Product Name : HDPE and steel reinforced pipe machine 



    This pipe :high ring stiffness 8KN ,12.5KN ,16KN can easily arrived;  flexible connection ,socket and spigot connection ,heat shirnk sleev ,electric heat melting tape connection are all suit .and when exposed storage ,there will no crack

    1. steel tape reforced ,advanced technology 
    2. pipe diameter :200-3000mm 
    3. high stiffness 

    2. produce process are as follows :
    To make this pipe ,two steps required :first  is to prepare the T model PE  profile belt  ,second is to wind the PE profile belt ,to join the PE  profile belt ,reinforced steel tape (which have been processed to W model by rolling steel ) ,and cover the steel tape  by HDPE .

    Pe  profile belt is made by one extruder ,one vacuum shaping table ,one auto drag machine .and coiler (to stock the PE profile belt)on the vacuum table there have the shaping moulds ,and vacuum pumps ,water pumps

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